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_79A3796 copiaNew pictures from my photoshoot in Milan with the beautiful Arianna Alroidi.  I love this location, I wanted to shoot pictures on the tram lines there and even better if it was to pass by during shooting 😉

I really like the ethnic fabric of this dress and I also made a bag to pair with it, you can wear it as a dress or a top because it’s quite short. I am petite so it is not a problem for me to wear it as a mini dress. By the way, I will be selling this one at the Voodoo Mädels market this sunday 30th of August :).

If you like kimonos, Satoko from Kimonomono Berlin has a very nice collection of vintage kimonos from Japan where she travels regularly to source the best pieces, sometimes she finds kimonos that have never been worn!

This Jacquard Kimono coat is from the 70’s or 80’s. The material is woven silk and the textile is called FUKURE-ORI. The coat that I am wearing is called “MICHYUKI”, Japanese people wear it on Long robe Kimono or as a coat.

As I am not really an expert regarding kimonos so I asked Satoko to tell me more about them and why she started to sell them.                                                                                                                                                                                So first the word kimono means:                                                                                                                                        “KI”=着(ki) means “WEAR”  / “MONO”=物(mono) means “SOMETHING”                                                                       So, KIMONO means “something to wear”. Kimono is the meaning of Japanese traditional clothes.          

She started to sell them because unfortunately, number of the people who wear Kimono are decreasing. There is one big reason for this. It’s quite complicate to wear Kimono in proper way, especially how to tie an OBI belt is really complicated.  Kimono are made by rich textile and each motif has a meaning, it’s really beautiful and unique clothes. It’s a pity that people stop wearing it. She loves fashion, textile and vintage clothes. So she started wearing Kimono as normal clothes in more casual way.

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Kimono coat: Kimonomono  / Dress & bag: Aa.theLabel / Shoes: Vanessa Wu from Ma Garderobe / Jewellery with beads: Marion Mazô / Rings: Sibylai

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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    J’adore ta robe !

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